House Rules

Dogs and cats with fleas or communicable diseases (ringworm, fungal infection, etc.) are refused, they can of course come back after the appropriate treatment


If your dog or cat has fleas, you can usually remedy this in a week's time with pipettes of advantix or Bravecto in pill form from the pharmacist. You can also consult the vet. Don't forget to treat the dog's environment and vacuum it well (important to prevent the cycle of the flea). And wash out any baskets and blankets.

If this does not help, your dog or cat may be hypersensitive to fleas and it is best to ask the vet for special treatment.
Dit komt echter niet veel voor.

Be careful with small dogs and puppies, they can suffer from anemia with a large flea infestation and is therefore very dangerous!

So being there on time is recommended!

Don't hesitate if you're not sure and want to reschedule your appointment for a week. I provide reserve places so that this is possible for the "emergencies".

Recognize fleas:

You can usually recognize fleas by the black grains that sit against the skin, this looks like coarse sand but is flea excrement. If you examine a place on the dog, the chance that you will immediately encounter a flea is small because they can run away very quickly. So quickly looking at several places against the skin is recommended.

If a small flea infestation is present, it is sometimes noticed too late, also here on site. Because this is not always immediately visible.
Just think of dark coats, tangled coats, etc. So it may happen that halfway through the treatment I end up with this. If this is the case, I will stop immediately (on the advice of the vet) to prevent further contamination of the material and the room. It will then be discussed what you can do best to treat this and then I can finish your dog again 1 week after the treatment. Then this should certainly be resolved with any help from the vet.

I will try to avoid this at all costs but this cannot be guaranteed as it is sometimes very difficult to notice them in a long coat. That is why I ask for extra attention for this during your daily maintenance. I therefore also respect it if you have not noticed this yourself and I will be happy to assist you with advice to make your dog beautiful again afterwards!

Grooming Salon

The grooming salon is always fully disinfected, vacuumed and treated with Biokill to ensure the following customers are safe. If the next customer comes too soon to get all this done, I give a call to arrange another hour to play it safe.

Because all this entails a lot, an additional price is charged if you bring a dog with fleas.

All this because I want to ensure the safety and hygiene for every animal that comes into the groomer as safe as possible.

And so that at your appointment you don't have to worry about any infections that the salon could pass on to you.

Prevent fleas/ticks/parasites:

Prevention is better than cure certainly applies here. You can preventively apply a pipette, such as advantix, monthly in the neck or spread over the back. (Always read the package leaflet carefully). Or you can give a Bravecto tablet three times a month. I prefer this because it lasts longer and you don't have to worry about washes between treatments.

The operation of a pipette can be compromised if you wash your dog or cat too quickly before and after the treatment. It is best to wait at least 1 week before or 1 week after treatment before washing.

You must also take into account that products always work 99%. It is always possible that something will be found despite your prompt treatment. But because they have been treated, the infection will remain within limits and you can solve this quickly. I recommend that you contact your vet for advice if this is the case. Do not add medication yourself in this case because you may give too much.