I’m Debbie,
owner and founder of the Bricks&Broks Luxury Cat&Dog Brand.




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In 2007 I opened my grooming salon at the age of 20.

I have enjoyed going to cat shows since I was 14 years old. I constantly immersed myself in coat care, bathing, drying, materials and the different breeds and behaviors.

In a short time I retrained from fashion student to dog hairdresser. Afterwards I followed masterclasses and courses at, among others, Special Grooming,

Kitty Dekeersgieter, Kitty Ponnet, Sasha Reese and Daniella Vereeken.

First aid for dogs and cats and Behavior in dogs I followed with Inge Pauwels van Toscanzahoeve.

Over the years I built up my knowledge in this way, in combination with my own experiences in the grooming salon.

In this way I have also learned to feel the need of the customer (and dog!) like no other. Communication and customer service are my priority.

With the right expertise at Bricks&Broks, we can guide you to a knot-free coat without hassle for your favorite four-legged friend!





Do you have a question about fur care or a product? Then you can reach me via the contact form or the whatsapp button.

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